The Bhavana Spa is located on the premises of Santara. All facilities of a luxurious spa are available and here you can find peace and relaxation.

Within the PROspero treatment program we also use massage techniques. Our wellness massage focusses on relaxation of body and mind. A complete relaxation massage to improve your well-being in general. Muscle tensions will be released and you will come into contact with your body and the self-healing powers will be strengthened. It boosts the blood circulation, relaxes muscles, is effective on breathing and digestion and increases the removal of waste by stimulating the lymphatic system.


Why a wellness massage?

To maintain good health, relaxation massage can work both physically and mentally. We count on our body daily, so we need to maintain it in a healthy way. Relaxation massage is meant to loosen up from daily stress in body and mind, so the body experiences how it feels to be relaxed.

In case you experience problems and blockades in one particular area, it will have its repercussions on all other parts of your body. Balance is disrupted and eventually complaints or diseases can arise. There will be addressed to these complaints during massage, just to get insight into yourself. These are signs your body sends out and which do not want to be ignored. It is something that escapes your attention and consciousness. The body is capable to hold and store feelings, thoughts and experiences, but can also let go of them.