For whom?

For whom?

PROspero is an innovation-oriented institution within mental healthcare. We treat clients (from 18 years) with psychological problems, such as somatoform and depressive disorders, comorbid anxiety disorders and personality problems.

Preferably care is given in the own everyday surroundings. However, we see a group op people with psychological problems for whom this care is insufficiently effective. This is often because there are triggers in the personal environment that constantly increase the stress level and is an impediment to recovery. We are convinced that by temporarily leaving the personal environment, recovery can be optimized.

Why PROspero?

Prospero distinguishes itself from regular care by offering a treatment program in a healing environment in Santa Pola (Spain). With personal attention we work in a relatively short period of at least 5 weeks, intensively on the main purpose: the recovery of physical and mental functioning.

The treatment program is custom-made and is a combination of scientifically proven effective cognitive behavioural therapy, state-of-the-art treatment techniques, relaxation methods, attention to healthy nutrition and a carefully tuned sports program.

Because of close collaboration with certified Sports Medical Advise Centers we offer a balanced sports and nutrition program, based on the latest scientific studies. There is also attention paid to a healthy sleeping pattern.

This allows the client to get back the right balance and enjoy daily life in a relatively short period of time.