For employers

A Dutch research institute (TNO) presented a study in 2012 on the impact of burn-out on society. They reported that with regard to burn-out 357.000 employees were absent, using in total 11 million absence days, labour costs totalled 2.7 billion euro’s and every 1 out of 8 employees showed symptoms of burn-out. Figures showed that the average absence of an employee, struggling with burn-out complaints and the consequential psychological complaints, takes 189 days. In short, the impact on Dutch society is huge.

A great deal of the employees who drop out are able to recover with good coaching and a relatively short absence period. However, a substantial part of this population has to deal with comorbid psychological complaints and personality problems for a long period of time, sometimes even up to more than a year. Often recovery in the home environment is seriously hampered because the triggers constantly keep the stress levelled. For this target group, an intensive treatment program is essential, where people are temporarily out of their environment and can fully focus on recovery. We believe that PROspero's intensive 5-week treatment program, in a setting where the client is for a short period of time out of his/her personal environment, can be of enormous added value.


Working towards reintegration

The treatment PROspero offers differs from other treatments because it is short-term and intensive and has a holistic approach. We believe that the return to work is less aggravating if a reintegration plan is made in time. You as an employer as well as the company doctor will be involved in this process and consultation will take place to include the reintegration on time in the treatment. Because of the client's privacy, the treatment-related information will not be transparent, but we will agree with the client what can be discussed. The most important starting points are the recovery of your employee and his or her return to work. During the treatment we ensure a healthy lifestyle, in which effort and relaxation alternate in a healthy way. The client will be motivated to maintain this healthy lifestyle after the treatment process. If you want, we can also advise you on the possibilities to make the working environment healthier.

Our aim is to use the treatment not only for complaint reduction, but also awareness of personal characteristics, learning a healthy way of life and break out of old dysfunctional thoughts and behaviour patterns. In the long term this ensures a healthy employee who can do his/her work with more pleasure and less pressure, is more effective and will deal with challenges in a different way.


More information?

If more information is required, please contact us. We are happy to help you and discuss the possibilities that may be appropriate for you.