For referrers

Do you wish to refer a patient to PROspero? A referral letter is required, in which we find at least the following information:

  • Name referrer
  • Institution/practice referrer
  • Registration identification code referrer
  • Referral letter to “Specialist mental health care(SGGZ)
  • Referred to ‘PROspero GGZ’
  • State that hospitalization is indicated
  • Overview previous treatments
  • Explanation request for help
  • Signature referrer
  • Stamp referrer
  • Presumptive diagnosis DSM V


As a general practitioner (or other referrer) you can contact for a short consult, triage or casuistic related questions at number 06-57775564. You can reach us from monday till thursday between 09hr00 – 13hr30. Please leave your contact details and one of our head practitioners will contact you.

The completed referral letter can be given to your patient or emailed to

Your patient needs then follow the online registration procedure.

As an institution we consider it important to inform you about the progress of the treatment. We would like to build a good relationship with you. As soon as your patient has finished treatment you will receive feedback of the treatment process and we will discuss any follow-up steps.