Santara resort

PROspero’s clinical treatment is offered at Santara Resort, Santa Pola-Alicante Spain. Santara is situated in a quiet area and offers many facilities in the way of care and well-being. The beach can be reached by bus or (small) train or by foot. The bungalows in the park are the accommodations and is a short walk away of all the facilities.

PROspero uses the facilities of Santara, like the bungalows, three meals a day, sports facilities and sports instructor, spa and wellness facilities, massage and relaxation and recreation rooms. Besides, at the resort PROspero rents a large room where individual and group sessions will be given by our psychologists. The entire day program is a short distance from each other. On Santara there is a caretaker 24 hours a day available to our clients.

As well as working together with PROspero, Santara also cooperates with other providers of health programs. Thanks to the excellent medical care, Santara is also accessible to the elderly and people with a disability.

Salvum Clinic
Santara has its own clinic (Salvum) on the premises, which is accessible to our clients and has a very good reputation in the region. PROspero set up joint ventures with the two managers of the clinic, where both GP care and sports medical care are of particular importance for PROspero. Salvum offers professional, multilingual care in different areas such as medical care, dentists and a chiropractor. The clinic has its own laboratory and can carry out diagnostic tests, including blood tests, ECG’s and ultrasounds. Salvum has partnerships with hospitals in the area and can, if needed refer to specialists.

Bhavana Spa & Wellness
The Bhavana Spa is located on the premises of Santara. All facilities of a luxurious spa are available and here you can find peace and relaxation.  Within the PROspero treatment program we also use massage techniques. Our wellness massage focusses on relaxation of body and mind.