Mission Statement

PROspero is an innovation-oriented institution within mental health care. We treat clients with psychological problems, who have also dropped out at work and/or experience problems in the social environment.

PROspero differs from regular care by offering a holistic treatment program in a healing environment in Santa Pola (Spain). The treatment program is custom-made and is a combination of scientifically proven effective cognitive behavioural therapy, state-of-the-art treatment techniques, relaxation methods, attention to healthy nutrition and a carefully tuned sports program. Through cooperation with certified Sport Medical Advice Centers we can offer a balanced sports program based on the latest scientific insights. Attention is also paid to a healthy sleeping pattern. This allows the client to get back the right balance and enjoy daily life in a relatively short period of time.

Unique Selling Point


PROspero's Unique Selling Point are not the costs of the treatment, but what the treatment saves. Shortly after following the clinical treatment, a client will be able to start working again. A Dutch research institute (TNO) presented figures showing that the average absence of an employee takes approximately 189 days. In most cases a treatment at PROspero can shorten this absence by months. The client will also recover physically and psychologically more quickly, which means he will appeal to health care to a lesser extent. At PROspero, the treatment program also focuses strongly on the use of a healthy lifestyle. All this is enormous money-saving.