The treatment at PROspero is fully reimbursed from the basic package of your health insurance.

PROspero is an independent healthcare provider and offers specialized medical mental health care (SGGZ). In the Netherlands, everyone is insured for this healthcare from the compulsory basic insurance.



We believe it is important that everyone should be able to use our care and therefore we offer the complete treatment for the amount that is reimbursed from your health insurer, without additional costs for you as a client. Even if only 50-80% of the treatment is reimbursed by your insurer, you are welcome at PROspero.

Both transportation to and from Alicante airport as well as accommodation and meals three times a day, are fully included in your treatment costs.

Please keep in mind that the treatment of specialized medical care is at the expense of your compulsory excess (policy depending on the excess for 2017, at least € 385).


Return ticket Spain
When, after the intake phase, you are advised to undergo treatment in our clinical setting in Spain, the costs of the return ticket are on your own expense. The rates for a return flight ticket are seasonable and differ from day to day. Average costs are 100 - 200 euros.

Purchase activity tracker

During treatment process we work with an activity tracker "Fit bit charge 2", a sports watch to measure heart rate, exercise and sleep. We advise you to purchase the activity tracker yourself, so at home you can continue to keep track of your activities after the treatment process. You can buy this watch for approximately € 139. If the purchase of the activity tracker is not possible for you at the moment, you can borrow one during your stay in Spain.


Sports medical examination

During the intake phase there will be a sports medical examination in which your physical condition will be mapped. A sports opinion for our treatment program in Spain will follow. This is to check whether you can participate responsibly in the PROspero treatment program in Spain. You will receive an individual sports advice. You can contact the certified Sports Medical Advice Center HAN Seneca located in Nijmegen at Kapittelweg 33. The costs are € 226,63. Sports medical examination is often reimbursed by the supplementary insurance of many health insurers.