Route clinical treatment Spain

PROspero’s second phase consists of a 5-week clinical treatment in Spain. This clinical treatment is based on a holistic approach with scientifically proven effective cognitive behavioural therapy, supplemented with an e-health treatment module. We use mental health guidelines. We will work on reducing your complaints (such as fatigue, anxiety and gloominess) and make sure you relate to these complaints in a different way. In addition, we work on increasing insight into the factors that maintain or even aggravate the complaints and problems. You will learn to become aware of dysfunctional beliefs including core beliefs and how to change this. Beside that you will learn to handle your feelings better. At behaviour level you will learn skills to relax and cope with stressful situations. Relaxation techniques will learn you to live more in the moment and be released from the “Do-mode”. We will help you to create a realistic daily structure, where effort and relaxation alternate in a healthy way. Within the cognitive behavioural treatment process, innovative treatment techniques can also be used, such as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Heart Coherence Techniques. Attention is paid to healthy food and you participate in a carefully adjusted sports program. There is a group therapy with a psychodynamic and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural background. In a group you will learn to live consciously and cope differently with stress, emotions and thoughts. You can learn a lot during these group therapy sessions through the many interactions that arise.