Complaints procedure

When you have a complaint or suggestion, we advice you to first discuss this with your therapist or head practitioner. It may be a misunderstanding that can be resolved in a conversation. If not, or you do not feel free to discuss the complaint with your therapist, you can contact the complaints officer.

Complaints officer
For this you must submit your complaint to PROspero in writing to the complaints officer. This is an external, independent psychotherapist who can act as a mediator. Our complaint officer is called Piet de Boer. Piet de Boer is also an independent complaint officer of the NVP en de NVGzP. The complaint officer advices the client and mediates.

Complaints and disputes committee
In case of insufficient result of this mediation, you can submit your complaint to a number of external bodies, such as the complaints committees of professional associations (LVVP, NVP, NIP). In addition, PROspero is affiliated with the Disputes Committee for general care, based in The Hague.

For advice and information you can also contact Adviespunt Zorgbelang Gezondheidszorg., phonenumber: 0900-2437070 (€ 0.10 per minute), e-mail:

PROspero applies the complaints and disputes regulation in accordance with the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act (Wkkgz), which came into effect on January, 1 2017.