The intake phase will be completed in just one day. Clients from all over the country can apply, so in order to avoid too much travelling time for you, we prefer to do the interviews in one morning or afternoon. We keep in account that the interview can be very aggravating, so there is room for a break. The interview takes place at our location in Utrecht or Eindhoven.

After the intake phase the psychologist will let you know if our intensive treatment program in Spain is suitable for you. If so, you will receive additional information and will be asked to complete some questionnaires. In the meantime you discuss with your relatives if you can and or willing to undergo the treatment.



Preperation phase in the Netherlands

During the preparation phase the outcome of the interviews will be discussed with you (and if you like, with your relatives) and more information will be given about diagnosis and our treatment program. We also want to explain to your relatives what it means when you follow our 5-weeks treatment program in Spain. There is always room for questions. During this phase a sports medical examination will take place in which your physical condition will be mapped. A sports opinion for our treatment program in Spain will follow. We work together with HAN SENECA, a certified Sports Medical Centre in Nijmegen on the Kapittelweg 33. You can contact them to make an appointment. In case Nijmegen is too far away, it is always possible to look for a suitable alternative in your own area. In case a company doctor is involved, we get in touch to discuss the plan of action.

In an awareness module we make sure you get a better perception of your complaints and make a start with a dietary module. We prepare you for the intensive treatment in Spain through e-health (internet therapy). You will be introduced with this method, which is also part of the clinical treatment program in Spain. At the end of the preparation phase transfer takes place with the head practitioner in Spain.