Individual therapy

Individual cognitive behavioural therapy
The 5-week holistic treatment program in our clinic in Spain is custom-made. Individual therapy is based on a holistic approach, with scientifically proven effective cognitive behavioural therapy, supplemented with an e-health treatment module. We use mental health guidelines. We will work on reducing your complaints (such as fatigue, anxiety and gloominess) and make sure you relate to these complaints in a different way. In addition, we work on increasing insight into the factors that maintain or even aggravate the complaints and problems. You will learn to become aware of dysfunctional beliefs including core beliefs and how to change this. Beside that you will learn to handle your feelings better. At behaviour level you will learn skills to relax and cope with stressful situations. Relaxation techniques will learn you to live more in the moment and be released from the “Do-mode”. We will help you to create a realistic daily structure, where effort and relaxation alternate in a healthy way. Within the cognitive behavioural treatment process, innovative treatment techniques can also be used, such as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Heart Coherence Techniques.  

Heart coherence techniques
Within the cognitive behavioural therapy treatment, heart coherence techniques can be used. Heart coherence training is a form of training for those who suffer from tension and negative emotions. The degree in which the heart rate alternately accelerates and decelerates, we call heart coherence. The heart coherence method we use is called Heartmathmethode and is developed by an American company that has been researching the emotional impact of the heart for 15 years. This method is scientifically based.

Heartmath computer program displays the heart coherence in a graph. We look at the interval between different heartbeats to obtain important information about the status of your autonomic nervous system. Optimally, the graph shows an undulating pattern. The activating and restorative activity of the autonomic nervous system is in balance. Sometimes the graph has a whimsical pattern. We often see this pattern at people with severe burnout complaints. Due to prolonged stress, the autonomic nervous system is often continuously in a state of readiness, which makes your body exhausted and possible physical complaints arise.

During training your heartbeat is measured with a finger or ear sensor. The computer program registers the pattern of your heartbeat. If the heart rhythm has a whimsical pattern, a red light will be visible. If the heart rate variation is more balanced, the light will turn from blue to green. There are simple exercises which can help to keep in the green zone. Among other things we do breathing and visualization exercises.

With heart coherence training we use a very effective form of relaxation therapy. During the training, real-time feedback is provided, which will help you to relax. The computer program registers all training activities, which gives insight into your process of learning to relax again. 

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
Within your cognitive behavioural therapeutical treatment program it is also possible to use Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) techniques. Virtual reality exposure therapy enables you to create a practice situation in a safe therapy environment. In addition to practice difficult situations, the purpose is to make you aware of your attitude, behaviour, and stress and how to control it during a stressful situation. In VRET you are able to practice in a safe environment with exciting (social) situations. In addition VRET supplies feedback.

During VRET the therapist teaches you to learn more about your fears/pitfalls so treatment is geared to one another. The level of difficulty of the various scenes during VRET can be build up. By starting with exposure in the therapy room you will start practicing sooner. Self-confidence increases which makes entering into difficult situation much easier. Insertion of VRET during our treatment program in Spain enables you to be prepared for return to work and the difficult situations you may there encounter.