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Sports, movement and healthy food is an important part of our treatment program. Everybody knows that moving is good for you. Research from Trimbos Institute shows that people who are regularly active have better mental health. People who regularly do sports have less chance of developing a mental disorder than people who do not exercise. In addition, it appears that people with a mental disorder, recover faster by doing some kind of sports. Regular exercise has a positive effect on body and mind and contributes to a better health.

Effect of sports
Intensive exercising is very effective against stress. During your workout, you clear your head and break through negative patterns. The body's own substances such as endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin are released and allow you to relax and feel more positive. Sports provides more energy and relaxation helps you sleep better. The combination of sports and relaxation exercises are very effective for people with stress and tension complaints. By working on your fitness and goals in the field of sports, you increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will learn handle your energy well-balanced and still push your limits. You will learn to make an effort and yet be relaxed. The positive experiences you acquire during our sports program ensures you to learn to push and respect boundaries in other areas of your life. Pushing back frontiers, opening up new horizons can only be done if you recognize and respect your own boundaries. You will learn to face challenges with more confidence.

The sports/motion program
Clients of PROspero will have a sports medical examination in the first phase of treatment in the Netherlands. PROspero has a collaboration with certified Sport Medical Advice Centers. The examination provides insight into your physical condition and fitness and shows how intensively you can handle the sports program. This allows you to train specifically in our clinic in Spain. We communicate the advice given to the sports instructor associated with the treatment program in Spain. Besides movement, there is also a focus on a healthy sleeping pattern. With an Activity tracker movement and sleep is being registered. This way you can keep track of your training progress and receive immediate feedback. You will train in the optimal heart rate zone and work on increasing your VO2max.

Sports offer
Yoga, spots, fitness and more! Within our facility in Spain, it is possible to practise different kind of sports and different in intensity. We offer a movement program with fitness, aqua gym and sports lessons in a group, taking in account the advice from the sports medical examination.


Yoga is a word derived from Sanskrit (Old Indian) and is often referred to as bringing together, unifying and balancing. That can be between body and mind and thinking and feeling. But also the balance between comings and goings, working and resting, effort and relaxation. The connection refers to the uniting of body and mind and doing this by means of breathing.

The exercises / positions during yoga provide strength and energy and an overall pleasant feeling of relaxation. Yoga is a good way to allow peace and relaxation. Yoga is accessible to everyone and does not require special limberness. You can practice on your own level. It is mainly about the attention and commitment of practising and the pleasant stay in the position. It is all about your own experience and to learn to be in the here and now with open attention. It is not about the achievement. The positions are carried out respecting your own limits. You will learn to become aware of your limits and pushing boundaries step by step in a healthy way. Yoga helps you to get connected with yourself again. You expand your inner awareness. You will get more insight into the interaction between thinking and feeling and learn to recognize signals such as stress and fatigue in an early stage.

The Yogis discovered early that breathing is the bridge between body and mind, a connection between physical sensations and mental processes. When you feel agitated, an accelerated breathing is physically observable. In times of stress, the body switches over in ‘fight or flight’ mode. This is a natural and healthy respond of the body. However, breathing constantly this way will disturb the hormone balance. Because of this breathing your body produces too much adrenaline which makes you constantly feel rushed. Through breathing exercises you can learn to solve this. During yoga lessons a lot of attention is paid to this.

What can yoga do for you?
Yoga ensures physically more strength, stamina and suppleness, without burden the body too much. The existing tension and energy blockades can flow away in a natural way. Yoga is used because of the deep effect on your energy and nervous system. Your body has the opportunity to relax, recover and recharge. The advantage of the different positions during yoga is the influence on glands, organs, connective tissue and joints which brings your body in balance. Yoga makes you feel physically fitter, but also releases mentally and emotionally more energy and space. This means yoga fits perfectly in the holistic treatment program of PROspero.

Healthy food
Healthy food is very important to your health and can be a good medicine. By eating healthy food you function better and feel more vital. The purpose of nutrition is to provide energy. We feed our bodies, but we should not do that just to fill it. We usually eat what we like and thereafter we look if it is healthy. It should be the other way around, because healthy food is very important for your body and mind.


Positive effect of nutrition

There are countless positive effects on your body if you eat healthy, visible on the outside and perceptible on the inside. Because we feel vital, we sleep better, can concentrate better, have more energy and are better resistant to infections. Healthy food works from the inside, the skin looks better, nails get stronger and hair will become beautiful and shiny. Thanks to a healthy diet we feel better and function and perform in a better way in our daily life. Healthy food is an important part of the treatment of PROspero. Because of that you will start feeling much better!

Nutrition in Spain

During treatment in Spain we keep nutrition into account. We serve local and western dishes with only natural and vitamin rich products. PROspero believes that healthy food contributes to your treatment and recovery.

The Bhavana Spa is located on the premises of Santara. All facilities of a luxurious spa are available and here you can find peace and relaxation.

There is a relaxation route in the spa and you have the possibility to use a wellness massage. A wellness massage aims at relaxation of body and mind. A complete relaxation massage to increase your well-being in general. Tension of the muscles will be released and you will come in contact with your body again and the self-healing powers will be strengthened. It boosts the blood circulation, relaxes muscles, is effective on breathing and digestion and increases the removal of waste by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Why a wellness massage?
To maintain good health, relaxation massage can work both physically and mentally. We count on our body daily, so we need to maintain it in a healthy way. Relaxation massage is meant to loosen up from daily stress in body and mind, so the body experiences how it feels to be relaxed.

In case you experience problems and blockades in one particular area, it will have its repercussions on all other parts of your body. Balance is disrupted and eventually complaints or diseases can arise. There will be addressed to these complaints during massage, just to get insight into yourself. These are signs your body sends out and which do not want to be ignored. It is something that escapes your attention and consciousness. The body is capable to hold and store feelings, thoughts and experiences, but can also let go of them.