Optimal recovery of your psychological problems




The experienced professionals of PROspero offer an innovative treatment, that meets the established quality standards.


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Full reimbursement

The treatment at PROspero is fully reimbursed from the basic package of health insurance and is accessible for everyone. For information regarding the declaration, see Information -> Costs


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Faster recovery

Through holistic treatment in a healing environment in Santa Pola (Spain) you are able to workoptimally on restoring your functioning.  


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Próspero represents happiness, prosperity and success. As a Spanish verb form it means 'I flourish', 'I am getting better'.



Your specialist in psychological recovery

PROspero is an innovation-oriented institution within mental health care.  We treat clients with mental health problems, such as somatoform and depressive disorders, comorbid anxiety and personality disorders. We offer these clients a five weeks treatment program in a healing environment in Santa Pola (Spain).

PROspero is convinced that a combination of scientifically proven effective cognitive behaviour therapy, state-of-the-art treatment techniques, relaxation methods, attention to healthy nutrition and a carefully tuned sports program, the best and fastest way is to a healthy life.

The recovery of functioning is the main goal. This allows you to get back the right balance and enjoy your daily life in a relatively short period of time.